Near to

This is a list of the main places you can visit near to L’huilerie :


Emblematic events of the region :

The 3 Ballons - cycling event

The Christmas market of Montbéliard

The music festival “ les Eurockéennes” at Belfort during the first week of July

The international university music festival of Belfort (the “Fimu”) during the Pentecost.

The stop-over of the Tour de France at “La Planche des Belles-filles”


A Lure (4km) :

Based Recreation and Nautical, route de la Saline

The tour of downtown


At Ronchamp (8km) :

The chapel “Notre Dame du Haut” built by Le Corbusier

The mine museum Marcel Maulini

The monastery “Sainte Claire” built by Renzo Piano


At Champagney (13 km) :

Champagney lake

Outdoor activities center “Les Ballastières”

La maison de la Négritude et des Droits de l’homme ( Human rights and Negritude house)


At Villersexel (20 km) :

The castle

The outdoor water sports center


At Luxeuil-les-bains (20 km) :

The thermal base

The casino


At Belfort (30 km) :

Vauban’s fortifications

The Lion designed by Bartholdi


At Vesoul (30 km) :

International Festival of Asian Cinema

The Edwige Feuillère Theater and Jacques Brel Festival


Other places :

“Le Plateau des Mille étangs” (lakes)

“Ballons des Vosges” regional park

The medieval castle of Oricourt


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