Monuments and Tourist Sites of the area!


The Citadel of Besançon at UNESCO      The Fortifications of Vauban de Belfort

The region abounds in buildings steeped in history, inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List: Fortifications Vauban of Besançon ou Citadel of Belfort.



The Chapel of Ronchamp     The Poor Clares of the Upper Hill

On the hill of Notre-Dame-du-Haut throne The Chapel of Ronchamp of Le Corbusier, visited by architects from all over the world, and maintains its spiritual vocation through The Poor Clares who live on the hill.



Villersexel Castle      The Oricourt Castle     Belvoir Castle

Villersexel Castle is, according to the magazine "Propriété de France", the most beautiful of the XIXe century. The medieval Oricourt castle overlooks the plain of Lure with its double enclosure of the XIIe century and Belvoir Castle was fortified by the Romans to watch over the Saltworks way.



Article 29 of the Champagney Book of Grievances in which the inhabitants of this modest village demanded the abolition of black slavery (March 19, 1789)     handcuff collar used on slave ships during the crossing africa america     The House of Negritude of Champagney     Hugo the Old Chain Breaker

The House of Negritude and Human Rights in Champagney is part of the Road to the Abolition of Slavery, in the heart of the memorial centre of Eastern France.



Ronchamp Mine Museum     Visit the copper mines in Le Thillot

The Ronchamp Coal Mine Museum exposes year-round, and the high-mynes of copper of the Thillot can be visited with the family.